Delivery Models

We offer comprehensive end to end recruitment solutions which covers the entire process, from defining project requirements, finding appropriate resumes, screening and shortlisting potential candidates, scheduling final interview with client, pay negotiation and finally placement of right professional for the right role. We are providing the best in market professionals to our clients, at the same time helping the professionals to get quality opportunities based on their core competencies and domain expertise. Our services provide the following benefits to our clients:

Cost-effective hiring process

Quick turnaround of hiring process

Saves time for our clients to focus more on their core business

Improved hiring solutions that go beyond traditional process

Win-win situation to both the employer and employee, thereby leading to higher satisfaction levels of both the parties

Advanced attrition control and retention techniques

Below are our premium offerings

Direct Hire: We map the technical expertise and behavioural skills of the professional to offer the most appropriate fit for the requirement. This ensures low fall-outs and high retention and longevity of the hire in the organization.

Executive Hire: We exercise extensive search assignments for senior management and leadership roles. We have an exclusive focused team for shortlisting, assessing and recruiting business leaders with outstanding track record and impactful experience in key areas.

Consultants on Contractual Assignments: Our global foot print and technological expertise empowers us to attract and retain talented professionals, thus providing an expert resource pool. Our consultants work on deputation at client sites while being on our payroll. This type of business model provides high ROI to our clients with quick ramp-up of skilled professionals without long-term costs of employing and maintaining large teams.

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