The Company

Our company is a global consulting firm located in both India and Canada.

IT industry constitutes to more than 100 Billion USD revenue across the globe. Being part of such an industry is one of the most popular ambitions of many professionals. There are ample of IT opportunities and resources in the market. Similarly, many aspirants are seeking these corporate jobs.

There is a thin line between the aforementioned two and we come into picture here to fill this gap and provide a concrete platform for job seekers and employers to help them find what they are searching for. Our experience and global network gives us the expertise of staffing professionals in both contract and permanent roles in the leading IT companies across India and North America.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in consulting, providing the best IT solutions and staffing services to our clients across the globe.

To design quantifiable and sustainable solutions which are both cost and time effective to achieve high level of client satisfaction.

Building winning partnerships with all our clients.

Our strengths

Expanding our footprints across multiple industries and verticals.

Setting up transparent and robust HR initiatives for not only staffing new professionals but also playing a key role in managing employee retention and attrition rate effectively.

Well established network with many reputed well-known companies.

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