Canada Services

LGC Business Solutions Inc. is located in New Brunswick, Canada. We have leadership which has more than a decade of experience and expertise in consulting and recruitment services. We are all set to expand our client base across multiple industries and build winning partnerships globally.

Hiring talented professionals on permanent and contract roles is our primary business offering. We have a proven track record and expertise in this hiring space. Any company’s success primarily depends on the Leadership and the Employees at the bottom of the pyramid (i.e. Entry-level and senior-level folks). We provide comprehensive solutions, which include recruitment across these levels on both permanent and contractual payroll, depending on the client’s project requirements.

We understand the client’s project requirements, after thorough scrutiny we choose the most appropriate professionals for the role, take an initial assessment and schedule a client face-to-face interview and once the final candidate is chosen, we do the pay negotiation and get the best deal for our clients. Considerable amount of time, money and energy of our clients goes into recruitment. By outsourcing this hiring process to us, they not only enjoy saving their time and money, but also high retention and longevity of the professionals. We ensure this by recruiting high enthusiast fresher for entry-level staff and highly skilled and experienced professionals with right behavioural skills at senior-level staff.

We have experienced management having more than a decade of industry exposure. Under their guidance, we perform extensive search assignments for leadership/executive roles of our clients. Our focused search helps in assessing and hiring the best business leaders with impactful experience and outstanding track record. We also build in-house knowledge management and R&D models which helps you to retain your employees and also control attrition rate effectively.

At times, companies require skilful professionals only for limited time period in their projects. We have a fine range of technology experts in our team and we place them accordingly in our client’s projects as per their requirements, while they are still retained on our payroll. Contractual hiring gives a big scope for our clients to enjoy cost and team management benefits, at the same time providing our professionals with onshore and offshore unique opportunities. In contract staffing the professional is under our payroll and clients have an advantage of cost effectiveness and reduced ownership. We are currently working from Canada and India in multiple shifts, thereby giving 24/7 support to our clients and resolving issues if any, on time before our client’s login. We have a huge network of well-known IT companies across North America and we offer onsite opportunities or cost effective offshore employment to our clients depending on their project requirements and budget. We provide challenging and open environment for our employees to bring about innovative and strategic solutions to enhance our customer’s profits and satisfaction.

Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services that enable our clients to succeed in the performance of their process and technology driven business initiatives. In each of the client relationships that we have entered into, we have significantly contributed to the identification and implementation of IT services and solutions that have clear and sustainable long-term business benefits.

Technology Consulting Services

Our expertise in IT industry enables us to offer finest staffing solutions be it for short-term or long-term roles. We own the task of staffing professionals who are best fit as per the project requirements thereby reducing the risk and the total cost of ownership for our clients. We offer four types of staffing services under technology.

Permanent Staffing:In this staffing, we concentrate more on fresh pass outs from premium universities/colleges, as they have lower fallouts. In addition, if the project demands experienced folks, we concentrate on top MNCs professionals who would have greater exposure to new technologies, domain knowledge and leadership skills.

Contract StaffingSometimes a project requires experienced staff for only couple of months on temporary basis. In this case, we go for contract staffing, which saves a lot of money and resources for our clients. If the scope of the project increases, the contract might be extended or even the contract staff might be moved into permanent role as well.

Contract to hireHiring itself is a tedious process. It involves a lot of time and effort from both HR and Project Management folks. Outsourcing hiring process to the third party consultant is trending off late. We closely work with the Management and HR teams and get a clear understanding of project requirements and budgeting details. We conduct complete end-to-end hiring process on behalf of our clients.

OverseasWe offer a wide range of recruitment solutions for overseas IT industry. With huge database of highly skilled and qualified professionals, we are able to successfully meet the diverse needs of our clients across North America and India. We keep on updating the list of candidate as and when required to ensure the best staff are available for suitable jobs.

Delivery Models

Below are our typical delivery models:

Direct Hiring: We assist our clients in shortlisting the appropriate profiles for their job openings and after we conduct our preliminary interviews, we schedule a face-to-face or video conference interviews with our clients. This helps our clients to save time and resources, thereby utilizing them for core business processes.

Executive Hiring: Our leadership is highly qualified and experienced in IT domain and team management skills. This gives us an edge in identifying the impactful leaders for the management and senior management roles of our clients.

Consultants on temporary roles: At times, our clients need professionals with specific set of skills only for a brief period. We bypass the traditional way of hiring and training professionals by our clients with the alternative of staffing our LGC professionals as consultants in their projects. The consultants work on deputation, while remaining on our payroll.

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